Things to Do

Things to Do

Every place you visit, this little piece of land leaves an indelible mark on you. The nature’s serenity around resonates with the deepest part of your soul imbibing in you the spiritual wisdom.

This land of sensory stimulation offers you the diverse experiences among which are the following few.

Visit to the temples – You get to know the interesting mythological explanations and historical backgrounds of various forms of deities.
Beaches - The delightful proximity gives you access to discover rare experience. You can trek through the woods and walk along the rocky cliffs watching the mesmerizing view of the serene ocean and the scenic landscape. And as you walk along, the forest berries accompanies you with its delicacy taking you back to your nostalgic childhood days. And the walk through the pristine sands along the shore leaves you with a sense of awe!

Boating – Enjoy the dazzling view of the dolphin jumping and enjoy the exciting water sports.

Visit to the most beautiful fort in the vicinity - Mirjan fort, what once was ruled by pepper queen.

Yana - Explore the tall Rocky Mountains and as you drive through, enjoy the mangroves of middle Gazni.

The sacred rituals offered in the Ghats of Kotiteertha is one of those rarest moments where you experience goose bumps crawling into your being. It makes you realize there is much more to life than trivial things you entangle yourselves with.

Visit to Tadri port – Have fun trying out fishing.

Experience the wellness feel showering under the natural spring in Ramtheertha

Enjoy exploring the deep caravans of the cave and the squeaking of the bats dwelling in Gogarhba cave temple

Other Attractions:
  • Honey processing unit, Kokum juice extracting industries and Salt pans of Sanikatta
  • Watch the most enticing art form - Yakshagana
  • You can spend a night midst nature - in a tent, experience the thrill of nomads life
  • Water ride and cross the river Gangavali capturing the fun filled adventure and thrill
  • Pamper your taste buds with the exotic traditional food of the locals

The fun just doesn’t end there! It continues in those rare little moments you share with the locals watching them closely, some of which are:

  • Hamlets of the agriculturist tribe, the Halakki tribe. The tribal dance called as Gumtepanga is breathtaking. You can spend hours watching the mélange of cultures.
  • The attire of the women folks of the tribe and the numerous colorful beads and necklaces that adore their necks is simply amazing.
  • The souvenir, brass lamp, musical instruments, stalls hung with unique clothing takes you on with your shopping spree.
  • You have an important take away from the Hippies strolling around, they teach you how to be minimalists and how to adapt yourselves to be happy with the limited access to resources, may it be food, clothing, amenities or money.
  • Above all, is the incantations hovering around, soothing your ears, leaving your soul rejuvenated.

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